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The “Verversdijk”, literally, (wool-)dyersdike is situated inside the Old Bruges. Centuries long, this place was occupied by wooldyers: they used the water of the canal to wash the wool.

Our house is part of a classified and protected heritage. The facade is in neo-gothic style, while the backside of the house, the passage and the  staircase are influenced by the “Bauhaus”-style.

At the time, this building was the dowry of a bailiff’s wife. His professional escutcheon as well as the one of Bruges,  decorate the window frame of the front door.

The knocker is a replica of the chain of the Golden Fleece.

In the niche of the facade, you will remark the “Bear of Bruges”, the legendary first and dreaded inhabitant of this town....


Our house is situated at the inner canals of Bruges, at a stone’s throw of the historical center of the city and so the ideal starting point during your journey.

Get there

There is bus every 10 minutes from the railway station: take bus number 6 or 16 and get of at the “Molenbrug / Coupure” stop.



  1. In the hart of Bruges

  2. Along the historic canals

  3. Authentic site with modern comfort

  4. Cosy garden


Verversdijk 1

B 8000 Bruges


The garden

Enjoy a sunny moment in our cosy garden.